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Take The Kids House Hunting

There are a lot of factors that go into buying a house that nobody can do but the parents, such as choosing the right neighborhood.  The parents are the best suited to find a house next to the right school, close to work or family, maybe even the freeway, and near shopping stores that their family prefers.  But what part should your children play in finding the perfect home?  Kids want to live in a house that offers them all the enjoyment qualities, aesthetic appeal, and accessibility  that mom and dad want too.  Taking the kids house hunting gives them the opportunity to offer their opinion on where they would like to live, which can lead to a a situation where the entire family is extremely pleased with their new home.

Enjoyment qualities.
Children have a natural ability to see the wonder wherever they go, and a house is no different.   They'll identify benefits and negative aspects of a house that adults don't often consider and possibly may not realize.  Let's face it, life is about play time and discovery.  Children find all the little secret hiding spots inside and out.  They will even let you know what kids and pets the neighbors have.  A house also has to have a great open floor plan and many doorways in order to make most little explorers happy, so they can access each part of their new house easily.  Let's not forget the bedroom, which should have a good view of some exciting new adventure awaiting in the back yard.

Aesthetic appeal.
Moving into a house that looks good is very important to children, especially teenagers.  If you are not sure between two houses, you can always trust a teenager to give you an honest and blunt answer, which may make a lot of sense, but is something you didn't think of.  When it comes to small children, they tend to see the house from an entirely different view than adults.  What is really great is that everything  looks so much bigger and beautiful to them.  When you take children from one house to another and ask them at the end of the day which house they thought was the prettiest and why, they may surprise you with a reason you didn't consider.

A sense of belonging.
Kids also love moving from smaller to bigger houses because they sometimes get their own room out the deal.  When they go around to each house and look at the rooms, they pay careful attention to which room might be theirs.  Kids want to have something that represents them as individuals, is suited for their convenience and resembles their independence. Just like when parents go around a house visualizing where they will put their furniture, children do the same thing when it comes to their own precious belongings.

When children are at the age where they are big enough to have some independence in the house, but still not quite tall enough to reach everything, accessibility becomes important.  On the other hand, Teenage girls may focus on how large the bathroom are and if the mirror is wide enough for two or more girls to get ready to go out at the same time.  Teenagers may also make sure you don't forget how important it is to have enough outlets throughout the house for all the computers and other electronics. 

There's nobody better to help you choose the perfect house than your own children.  Other adults, even though they have your best interest at heart, may not help you make the right decisions because they will reflect what they would look for if they were buying.  Sometimes it helps, but unless they are living with you, they are offering ideas that are not necessarily suitable for you.  However, when it comes to your children, they have to live there too.  As a parent, you want to see them happy and letting them help you decide which house to choose will make them feel like they were part of something big, which will be 100% true.